Each day we have the task of choosing what to wear that morning and many days raise doubts about whether to choose a more formal attire or a sportier or more daring clothes.

However, there are special moments in our life in which choosing the clothes to wear is very important, since we are going to a special event. For these events, we advise you to wear a bow tie, because this garment is trendy.

Then I will tell you three events that you can go with bow tie and you will be the most elegant person there.

Wear a bow tie at your next wedding.

Whether you are the groom, whether you are a best man, a witness or just another wedding guest, you will be with me if you wear a fantastic bow tie, your image will be reinforced and everyone will see you as an elegant, modern and versatile person.images

Contrary to ties, which are currently less fashionable than bow ties, the latter give a touch of modernism to your figure. In our online store, we have a section specially dedicated to wedding bow ties.

At your next Christmas party wear a bow tie.

Every year, Christmas comes and with it, parties, reunions, dinners, balls, etc. and to be able to face them with elegance, distinction, and modernity, you must have one in your closet or better several bow ties to accompany your suits or sweaters in these holidays.2708042_styliz_sw3

Surely during Christmas, you will have some dinner with your co-workers or with your friends and of course, you will have meals or dinners with relatives. If you want to show everyone your great Christmas spirit, you must stop by our online store in its section of Christmas bow ties.

Dinner at a luxury restaurant with a bow tie

429612043-board-restaurant-titanic-fine-dining-menu-cardThere are special occasions in which we all like to go those special and luxurious restaurants of our city or even in cities we are touring.

The most important thing, in this case, is to have a good company, that without a doubt, and for sure, in front of our partner we want to look great and very handsome so I certainly advise you to wear a nice pair of pants, a good shirt, and a matching bow tie, with a sport jersey. With this combination, you will triumph for sure.

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