As for menswear we refer, there’s some clothing accesories  that it can result more intimidating than others, for example, men bow ties. For the most of the  boys, bow tie evoke  the image of teachers, waiters, or nerds, but  it ain’t necessary to be scare of.  Despite the bow tie has been victim of stigma, there’s really a  time and place to wear this complicated accessory, and in this form be able to excel in a possitive way. Trust, here you are going to see that you can wear men bow ties confidently. Nowadays you can find it in many colors, in many materials and patterns, so you’ll be able to find very originals bows ties. Here you are8 some perfect examples about when to use it.

For a wedding or formal event

When it comes to formalities, sometimes weddings are a little unpredictable but, its also an event that offers the perfect opportunity to try a look that includes a bow tie. The suit is often more formal than the regular used one, so you shouldn’t be afraid of wear it, also it’s very probable that you see others in the crowd wearing it too. A foolproof plan for the first time that you wear a bow tie  is to wear it to personalize one of your favorite suits. When you already wear something that you like it, and you know that you look well, you’ll be more confident to try it. If you feel good about yourself, others will it too.

At the moment of choosing  men bow ties style, you shouldn’t be afraid to use colors. Dare to wear a bow tie that attract others to look at you and that matches with the colors of your suit and shirt. For more formal events, a black bow tie with a classic suit always will be the winner outfit. However the color can change the things and adds a little bit of excitement to your look.

At work

Despite some people think that you can’t wear a bow tie for the job (obviously it depends on the job at issue), you really are able to wear it at the office. A bow tie is the perfect way to highlight in a ocean of dark suits and “normal” ties (don’t forget you must always have a formal look, don’t go too far with the design in order to  have the right look in job). It’s a good option to pick navy blue, greys or patterns models or very subtle grids models; and it’s very sure that you’ll have something to talk about with your co-workers in the coffeeshop, lunch time or free time.

In a night out:

Thinking about when to wear a bow tie, a night in the city with a  beautiful lady would be a great opportunity to give it a chance. Whether the idea is to go for a few drinks, a nice dinner or be dragged to the theater, women love to a man that  can wear confidently a bow tie; and I can assure you that she’ll keep her eyes at you all night. If the plan doesn’t need to wear a suit, sport jackets will look very well with men bow ties, and it will offer to your outfit a fresh and casual  look . Also you can wear it just with a button-up shirt and waistcoat. Another thing that makes of that night out a good moment to try a bow tie is that it can be a big opportunity to test it. It’s that the time to use fun colors and fashion design, because your personality is like this, so let it go.

At  the church or religious ceremony

Nowadays the most of religious ceremony are not too formal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a bow tie. In that case, it’s necessary to choose a good V-neck or a button-up sweater. The good thing about this accessory is that combine with almost everything. The only rule you must to obey is always wear it with a shirt, of course, paying attention of the size of the bow tie in relation to the size of the shirt: neither too little nor too big, and as long as bigger you are, bigger will be the size of the bow tie that you can wear.

In brief, a bow tie is easier to wear than it looks. You can buy it in a range of price between 10$ and 100$. The price obviously fluctuates depending on chosen material, the quality of its production, and if it has been made to size. There’s bow ties for every taste, in a variation of colors and textures (prints classics, velvet, cotton…). You can also have your own bow ties for the special events.

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