So, you have just been invited to a formal event. Let’s say, to a business cocktail or your cousin’s wedding perhaps. But your girlfriend is out of town and no one is there to tie the bow tie for you. It’s a terrible situation, just imagine how awkward you will look in an elegant event or wedding once you failed to do tying properly. This therefore indicates it’s the right time to learn how to tie a bow tie yourself.

How tie a bow tieThe art of tying a bow tie is as simple as tying your shoestring. Of course, the first attempt will surely be difficult. This seemed to be a huge task at first, but you are rest-assured through following the below instructions you can successfully achieve your objective.




 How to do bow tie?


    1. First things first, make sure that your bow tie is smaller than your neck’s broadest part. Make sure it will not extend past your shirt collar, unless you wanted to look like an entertainment entourage of the event.
    2. Put the untied or pre tied bow ties around your neck. One end must be one and a half inch longer than the other. The shorter end must be placed on the bottom while the longer should be placed on its top. It’s important to be cautious about placement. Make sure it wouldn’t go down in the front of your tuxedo or shirt.
    3. Create an overhand knot though putting the larger end into a circle. Cross the longer end over the shorter end. Make sure it is not too tight. Then tie the longer end around the shorter one then pull the longer end up toward your shirt’s collar. Create a zigzagging shape.
    4. Take the hanging part of the bow tie and place it the knot’s front part. The bow tie’s indentations must be at your chin’s bottom. The flap will serve as the bowtie’s front part
    5. Now it is time to get the larger side and place it in the middle. This must be perfectly in-line with tie’s front part.
    6. Once the longer part is already down the middle, keep that in its position through pulling the other side to the center to create a hole. Place the middle part of the longer part into the hole and then pull them up together. The result should create a two loops. To tighten up the bow tie, you have to grasp each look and to balance each end, you only have to make necessary adjustments.

Well, tying a bow tie is truly pretty hard especially for men who aren’t fond of doing this simple yet ovrwhelming task. Though numerous style experts suggests that wearing traditional bow ties that are tied up manually still looks more fashionable than the modern prettied versions of bow ties that comes with detachable hooks, more men arguably will prefer the easier way out. Bow Ties Trends offers bow ties for men either those manually tied bow ties or the current bow tie trends. Bow ties are cool and make you look spectacular in any event. Well, that is if you know exactly how to tie a bow tie.

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