Today, the modern and confident man is not afraid to try, he isn’t satisfied with classic models, he wants trendsetter and in that order nothing would work better than bow ties. From a day at the office until a formal dinner bow ties can offer you a fresh look to that suit that you already have.

Over the years, bow ties have become increasingly popular in both men and women and are used as a tool for self-expression.

Each person has a different style and in Bow Ties Trends we have the most amazing selection to fit in every style, mood and occasion. It’s important to know the different styles of funny bow ties and what to wear with it.

There are four styles of bow ties that can be set to everyone depending on the occasion and personality; butterfly style, the classical, the tight style, and diamond type.

The butterfly style is striking but elegant and perfect for all, the classical is great if you are looking for anything fancy without leaving aside subtlety, the tight one is excellent for close trend followers, and the diamond tip works with almost any outfit and for every occasion.

The butterfly style is perfect if you are a bridegroom about to walk down the aisle, or just if you are a guest at a formal event and you want to impress everyone; Classical is commonly used in a tuxedo or a suit even with jeans and casual shoes; for those who don’t like to pass unnoticed, the tight style is the option; if you are a trendsetter but maintaining that classic touch, so you can wear the diamond type and, of course at Bow Ties Trends we have several funny bow ties to choose the one that suits to your style and personality. Now let’s talk about the color and print:

Solid Colors:
This is the first bow tie that a man must buy if you’re starting from the scratch. The dark blue is the safest and most versatile, but any deep color is good (green, dark, black, gray and purple for some complexions) all work very well
Stay away from bright colors if you want something you can wear in many occasions.

For business you have two choices: the good dark and refined color, and strong colors very bright. The first one is usually more conservative, but the second one has also its fans who claim to be the winning option when to make a psychological impact is the issue; for more leisurely business solid pastel colors, often with lots of shine and texture visible, are a good choice.

Moles style:
When you think about funny bow ties, moles ain’t probably the first option that comes to your mind, but that’s the geniality of combining this type of print with a neutral color shirt, in this form you guarantee a professional look with personality.

Symmetrical patterns:

They are also known as foulard, symmetrical patterns are simply those with a repeating symmetric pattern in a grid block matrix (even that sounds scarier than it is). It just means a repeating pattern that doesn’t change its size or separation.

Paisley pattern:
Paisley is a repeating curved design whose beginning is associated with the Middle East, the paisley  prints are generally decorated and filled with abstract designs, and they are placed on a solid background, sometimes with smaller floral figures. This is a somewhat casual look, which is useful for the same reason that Moles style; brings joviality and enthusiasm, it’s important to note that when you are using this type of pattern it shouldn’t be present in any other place of your outfit (perhaps in his handkerchief), if not this visual effect tends to be perceived as exaggerated and somewhat carnivalesque.

Army style:
For inexpert eye, this style looks like to stripes bow ties normal patterns, however, the diagonal stripes tilt right to left, instead of left to right, and the British soldiers will recognize this colors model immediately.

Bow ties with this pattern was designed in the beginning for the London Army, but it works very well nowadays for general purposes, obviously the actual army bow ties must be avoided unless you belong to the army, or you have belonged in some point of your life. Actually, only a few will be able to notice the difference, now you can be one of them.

It’s obvious that there’s no excuse to wear funny bow ties and look very well with it, in that order it’s necessary to consider not only the shape and color but also the texture. Tastes differ, so do the needs, because of that Bow Ties presents you a complete collection that covers all your needs.

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