Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares for men of bowtietrends have a super duper chic design, and they all have a matching bow tie. In men’s fashion, we are witnesses of a revolution of accessories that is giving a lot to talk about. Pocket Squares have been used throughout history with various textiles and usage. Today, they are a simply decorative element that gives timeless elegance to suits.

Pocket Squares of BowTieTrends.com are embedded in a piece of cardboard (“pre-folder”) that you should cut depending on the length of your pocket. In this simple way, you only need to introduce the handkerchief with the cardboard in your pocket’s jacket and it’ll be perfect.

The advantage of “pre-folder” Pocket Squares is that you don’t have to worry to make the shape of it. The handkerchief comes with the shape you choose from our factory.
All our Pocket Squares have a bow tie and matching cufflinks.

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