Some characters were created for the main purpose of being unique and timeless but simply fade away after few years. The public audience tends to look and crave for “newness” causing some characters to fall through the cracks. This being said, there are quite a few television and film characters which instantly become classic and destined to withstand the tests of time. A renowned actor, James Bond perfectly fits to this category.

This British handsome secret agent has been played or portrayed by many excellent actors in the industry over the years however; James Bond’s overall style remained consistent since his character made the very first appearance in the public eye. Sophisticated and sleek, James Bond’s look is definitely an embodiment of the British class and style and this seems to be a big part that makes his character so timeless and popular. His bow tie is completely a part of his look together with all the elements of fashion that makes the famous James Bond who he really is. All these things will surely make many individuals convinced that James Bond is on the top spot of the most popular bow tie wearer list.

The Bow Tie

James Bond is a well-known actor who has widely popularized the bow ties. He simply would not achieve a manly look and image without bow tie as part of his fashion get up. His classic look is characterized by the bow tie black midnight color. It is quite interesting to know that characters’ bow ties have dramatically changed in appearance and size over the years. Now, famous actor James Bond sports a more moderately-sized and stylish bow tie the fits perfectly with his tuxedo. This result to a more fashionable and classic look that surely impresses and captivates attention. Regardless of what the style is.

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