To know who can use a bow tie several fashion houses and designers gave free rein to their creativity, imposing this accessory that ran around the world, which is used by women of all ages and showing that not only men can wear it.

The link between men and women’s closet is that the women lately have adopted and adapted garments that only we used by men. So who can use a bow tie?

Looking back centuries and even years, the ladies wore long dresses and skirts that with the passing of time were forgetting about it, then they started to use pants that were an exclusively male piece and were modified certain patterns and the fashion has evolved to the point that  women include in their options accessories like bow ties too, taking into account that there is nothing more feminine than a bow.

Female bow tie has come to prevail and it is more common to see TV stars imposing the trend on red carpets and stages around the world, such action transcends barriers and in any restaurant, university, cinema or club you can see the ordinary woman using it but not in the same way that men do, because the difference to them is that only can be placed in the neck and vary only in color and fabric, because the girls have the power to reinvent and bring in new and different ways; in the hair as a tie, headband, on the wrist as a bracelet or a shirt, flannel and low-cut blouse to take effect choker, you will incorporate bright stones or whatever they wish. In a esthetical level is the accessory that we can play and turn it, as if by magic, in an interesting and sober look.

.Who can use a bow tie?

We have already talked about men and women and we know that both can use it such famous pieces made in fabrics in a loop that makes more modern our outfit and makes us look good anywhere, from the office to the party. Well, when we ask us .Who can use a bow tie? we should include the little ones of the house in our answer, because they didn’t pass unnoticed by this trend, since for christenings, communions, acts at school or a party where is necessary to dress in formal way you can use it and unlike tie, that certainly for many people is difficult to make a knot, bow ties are perfect in this case additionally is modern and comfortable to put on you, as some come with leagues, all you have to do is position it on the neck of the shirt and matter settled.

But let’s go beyond believe that this accessory can be limited only to men, women and children? No, currently there is a wide line of clothing for our pets where we also can include the piece that we are making reference and help the dog, cat or whatever that be your faithful companion look different and trendy.

You also ask, what is the cost? and it’s important to say that depends on the brand, material used or the type, I mean, classical, if the butterfly, diamond point or close, each in its style varies in cost but range from 10-150 dollars.

Fashion is about to be innovative, to break schemes and patterns to become what is a “trend”. If you aren’t sure, do it and take  part of the stylish people.

For many people, this element has become the first cousin of the tie. A proposal that although is more fancy and special, with the pass of time has become much more cheerful and relaxed. without mentioning  that it hasn’t been banished from the label events and, increasingly, both men and women look at each occasion.

Today bow tie is still fashionable. The main clothing companies in their latest collections highlight the quality of this centenary supplement. Traditionally dressed with a tuxedo, you can now show off a suit with a more casual styling and even girls with a mini-skirt or pants and continue being glamorous.

Attention women, here are some tips about how to use it:

With a jacket: An easy way to give another life to costumes and new life to our outfits for the office.

With a shirt: it is ideal but for the few risky, this season uses super female shirts in black and white.

With a dress: Another idea is to incorporate it instead of a collar.

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