Wear a Bow Tie and you’ll score much more

1. Attract attention with your bow tie. Be different. Let the others wear a tie …

I could bet right now that at your next party most people will come wearing a tie or just a more casual style. You must then take advantage of this fantastic opportunity so you can stand out among all the guests wearing a blue bow tie with which I’m sure you will draw the attention of the attendees. When you appear with your bow tie, I assure you that you will be the center of attention and all the girls will keep their eyes on you. You will already have the first step gained, you will have caught their attention. That easy.

2. If in the office, you wear a tie … at parties, wear a bow tie!

Men who come to the office every day wearing a tie, will have their colleagues used to that image that will inevitably associate it with day to day, that is, to work. If at the next party to which your office’s colleagues attend to, for example, the Christmas dinner or a meal in summer, you go wearing a bow tie, you’ll stand out and your companions will see you in a different way from how they do on a daily basis. If you go with a tie, they will associate your image to the day-to-day one and that’s not cool at all. You will lose many points…

Conclusion: Avoid being seen like any other day at work at the next party with your office’s colleagues, and maybe something will click with… Well, you already know with whom.

3. If you’re young … your thing is the funny and informal bow ties

Then you have it all to your advantage. Dare the next weekend to go out wearing a funny bow tie and all your friends will be stunned with your fantastic new image.

It is curious that bow-ties in young people, give an informal style and casual, very casual. Do not hesitate, pal, wear a bow tie next weekend and hook up!

4. If you are older… a bow tie on time …

Contrary to what I said in the previous section, in the older people, bow-ties give an intellectual style, autumnal, like a university professor, which for sure will favor you in your next social gathering where you can wear a fantastic silk bow tie that never goes out of style. I also recommend you a checkered bow tie that is very cheerful and ideal to wear at parties during the day.

5. Show that you are fashionable. Bow-ties are Cool!

Girls love guys who care about their aesthetics and fashion, so when they see you wearing a beautiful green bow tie they will know that you are one of those who likes been different and be fashionable. From this point, you will have part of the territory won, especially if you are able to keep a conversation with them talking about what we’ll be wearing this season or next summer. Maybe you have to read a fashion magazine before leaving home and learn a bit, huhhh … Now, it will be much easier to hook up your next weekend.

Do you know any other technique about hooking up with bow ties? Has it happened to you? Do you have doubts and don’t you dare to wear the bow tie? Make a comment and tell us about your case.

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